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While you're away during the busy work day, I will come to your home and take your K9 friend out for either a potty n' play, group walk, individual walk and plenty of fun. Your dog will receive lots of love, care, attention and socialization. Best of all, they'll be returned well exercised and rested!

If you're going away, I'm available for pet care. You can stop feeling guilty about leaving your cat, rabbit, iguana or whatever animal you love. I will come to your home and care for your pet(s) with the same love and attention that you do. I can also water plants and check your mail.

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My name is Melinda.  I have grown up with and loved animals all my life.  I started this business to include both my passions: dogs and being outside. I have a big dog and a cat myself. I can't imagine my life without them. Outside of work I organize a dog walking group that now consists of over700 members. I see on a weekly basis how important it is for dogs to get out and socialize just like us. My dogs know when they are going on a pack walk and are that much more excited about it.




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